The next challenge for the PostgreSQL community is to provide feature rich and well-designed graphic tools to manage several instances. This is a domain where we can make a lot of progress and Temboard is one of the current projects (among others) that aims to provide a nice management tool for PostgreSQL.

Temboard : PostgreSQL Remote Control

Since we’re talking about a graphic tool, let’s have a quick look ! Here’s 3 steps to deploy a testing environment composed of 3 PostgreSQL instances and a central Temboard server.

1- Install docker and Install docker-compose

2- Fetch our pre-configured docker compose file and launch it

docker-compose up

3- Go to

You should see something like this :

Temboard PostgreSQL Dashboard

That’s all for today ! I’ll make another post in a few days to explain the features of Temboard such as the live dashboard, the postgresql.conf versioning, how to kill a transaction, etc.

Meanwhile I want take some time to test this tool please send us an email at and let us know what you think about it, what features are missing for you, etc. Temboard is still in early development stage and we plan to add more plugins in the forthcoming month !

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