As in previous years, Dalibo will particpate to FOSDEM 2015 the greatest FLOSS event in Europe which is held from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1

FOSDEM is a unique free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. The PostgreSQL Europe association organize an additional event called FOSDEM PG Day the day before (Friday Jan. 30), which means you can enjoy 2 days entirely dedicated to PostgreSQL and its community. Yay !

The schedule contains 2 talks from Dalibo’s team :

  • Friday at 10h20 : Julien Rouhaud and Ronan Dunklau will present Identifying missing indexes and the forthcoming version 2.0 of POWA a dynamic workload analyzer for PostgreSQL. This new version will feature major improvements, especially a missing index detector and an advanced WHERE clause analyzer ( check the pg_qualstats for more details), more filesystem I/O stats (thanks to the pg_stat_kcache extension) and a complete rewrite of the user interface.

  • Saturday at 14h00 : Ronan will talk about Foreign Data Wrappers in PostgreSQL. Ronan is the creator of the multicorn project and wrote the IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA patch, he will present the latest improvements of the various Foreign Data Wrapppers.

These 2 talks are part of rich and complete schedule. If you’re a PostgreSQL user, come spend 2 days with us in Brussels !

Details and registration at

PS : Thanks to Virginie for her help on this post !

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