We’ve just released a new version of PoWA, the PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer. Check out complete release note here.

This new version adds an highly requested feature : you can now collect stats from multiple PostgreSQL servers using a single PoWA instance. This should be usefull if you have many servers to monitor. We’ve also improved the UI in many ways : the graph should be easier to read on full screen and the install process is more convienient

This version is probably the major release of the 1.x branch. We’re currently working on the branch that will change almost everything : PoWA 2.x will be only compatible with PostgreSQL 9.4 because we want to use the new stats and features of latest version. This should allow PoWA 2.x to some nice things like finding missing indexes or displaying advanced filesysteme stats. The 2.x version will also have a brand new user interface and we hope this will be similar to what we did when we rewrote completely the pgBadger interface 2 years ago…

Here’s a quick preview:

PoWA 2.x screenshot

PoWA 2.x screenshot

PoWA 2.x screenshot

Of course we will continue to maintain PoWA 1.x for the users who installed it on PostgreSQL 9.3 servers

If you go to FOSDEM 2015 next week, come see us ! We will be presenting these new features and more !

If you can’t go to FOSDEM 2015, subscribe to the powa-users mailing list to receive news and updates.

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