Join the conversation to build better GUI for Postgres !

Last year, we organized a meeting in Warsaw, Poland to discuss and share experience on how to improve the PostgreSQL user experience. You can find details about this meeting on the PostgreSQL wiki page below:

During the meeting, we talked about creating a dedicated communication channel for Developers and Graphic Designers inside the PostgreSQL community to facilitate discussions, ideas, feedbacks and further meetings.

We’ve asked the Postgres admin team to open a dedicated mailing list and they kindly accepted to create a new list called :

To join this list, please go to : to register and subscribe.

This mailing list is intended to be a place where developpers from various projects can talk about UI design, UX guidelines, User Research, API, common libaries, etc. with the same principles that prevails in the Postgres community : diversity, openess, sharing, respect and self-organization. Please also note that this new mailing list should NOT be used as a end-user support channel for a specific tool.

When you join the mailing list, please take a few minutes to present yourself and your projet and explain what you tool is for, who are your users, what problems you’d like to solve, etc.

See you there !

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