Tomorrow I’ll talk about the Open Decision Framework at the TEQNation conference in The Netherlands and I’ll try to explain how we can use open source principles to take better decisions.

Free Software is a powerful movement with many different types of governance models and a lot of diversity. But all the successful open source projects have one thing in common : over the years they have developped efficient decision worklfows to solve their problems.

Making decisions using open source principles

Dalibo is a small Postgres company but as we’re growing, we face more complex issues and we want to maintain a governance model based on transparency and open thinking.

Last year, we learned about a method call «Open Decision Framework» developped by Red Hat. We translated it in French and then we “forked” it to fit our organisation.

So far this method has worked really well for us and it produced solutions to some big questions that were left unanswered for years. I’ve been so impressed by these results that I wanted to share our experience and show that open source principles can apply beyond writing code.

If you want to learn more about it here’s a shorter version of my talk recorded during FOSDEM in February :

PS: The video is a bit shaking and my english is rusty, but I hope the talk will make you want to learn more about the Open Decision Framework ! :)

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